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Wheezy’s is the result of the love and dedication produced by the Stefanakos’, a hardworking trio of sisters who are born restaurateurs. Under their keen eye, it has only taken 2 years from it’s inception for Wheezy’s to rise to the top of Yuma’s food scene by winning Yuma’s Best Sports Bar 2019. If you listen in on what sisters, Maria, Loula and Elene are discussing day to day, it quickly becomes evident why they took home the title.

“Our father started Nick’s Coffee Mill which used to be located on the corner of 4th Ave & 29th St. and we not only lived behind the restaurant, but we worked there too.” they affectionately shared. “There were seven kids in our family, and we were all what we like to call Restaurant Rats.” Now years later, they have continued the family tradition of being restaurateurs.

“…an idea scratched out on a bar napkin”

“Like all great ideas Wheezy’s started as an idea scratched out on a bar napkin.” Ideas were tossed around and voted down but the ones that stuck centered on great food, specialty drinks, local music and a friendly nightlife. Maria created our menu and we got to work! “We were blessed to have wonderful local people who helped make Wheezy’s come to life. Bill and Betty DeNise and Ross Waite helped make it possible.”

On the menu you will find unique dishes such as smoked wings and fried green tomatoes along with mouthwatering dishes such as Mac Daddy hamburger smothered in Mac and Cheese and topped with bacon. More traditional dishes such as juicy burgers, fresh salads and tasty appetizers are on the robust menu. “Our biggest challenge has been to meet our own – very high – standards.” We operate a ‘from scratch’ kitchen, our hamburgers are hand pressed and we smoke our own meats. All ingredients are fresh, and our meats are never frozen. “It’s all about flavor profiling for us” they shared.

“It’s all about flavor profiling for us”

Wheezy’s has 32 beers on tap with a new rotation every week and creates custom infused liquors in house. “Try one of our Bloody Mary’s on a Sunday morning with our infused vodka, or a round of our mimosa flights – you will be happy you did!” “Winning Yuma’s Best Sports Bar means so much to us. This is such an honor. We couldn’t do this without our great employees and the community’s support.

We love being a local family owned restaurant and our staff and customers are our extended families. We love giving back to the community with takeovers for community organizations and never say no to those opportunities to give back. “Our Motto is Have Fun! Please stop by for a visit and see that we offer a lot more than just what’s on our menu!

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Over the Years


Restaurant Rats Founded


Nick’s Coffee Mill opened in Yuma


Wheezy’s opened in Foothills Yuma


Wheezy’s wins

Yuma’s Best Sport’s Bar 2019


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